Managing Your Sports Team's Finances

Accounting Software for Sports Teams or Associations


Accounting Software

All of the tools to make it easy for you need to manage your organization's finances.

  • Budgets
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Online orders integrated with the books
  • Financial Reports


Financial Transparency

Eliminate the chance that your Sports Team will lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. Collecting all of your money through online transactions leaves a financial foot print. 

Guidelines for Handling Funds To Safeguard From Embezzlement

1.  Transparency is Critical
The financial records and books should always be open for members to review. If your treasurer refuses to allow board members to review bank statements, the check register, or any other financial documents - take that as a red flag.

Membership Toolkit gives you the Financial Reports.

2.  Taxes Are Important
Even non-profit organizations have an obligation to file a tax return. And in many states non-profits must pay sales tax. We have heard many stories of Sports Teams who paid a large penalty because they did not take care of their tax liabilities.

Require your Treasurer to present a report to the Board on the status of your taxes and to note in your minutes when tax reports have been filed.

When setting up your account, Membership Toolkit allows you to input your tax rate and also determine which items are taxable. 

3. Online Sales - Recorded In Your Accounting Ledger

Sales and donations are integrated with your accounting ledger and automatically updated in your budget. Think of all the time you will save!



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