Recruiting & Scheduling Volunteers


Many organizations are relying on volunteers to help fill the gaps left by funding shortfalls.  In many cases volunteer time is becoming a more precious commodity than funding.  

Critical to the success of recruiting volunteers is:

  • Creating a list of potential volunteers
  • Nurturing the relationship
  • Sharing opportunities to volunteer
  • Efficiently scheduling volunteers 

If you have been tasked with the job of recruiting and scheduling volunteers, you hold one of the most critical jobs in your organization! We make it easy to recruit and schedule volunteers!


A Streamlined Solution for Organizing VolunteersvolunteerTeaser.png

Your volunteer database is integrated with your website, membership database, newsletters, and communications. Parents go to one place for all of their information, to purchase stuff, and to volunteer. A one-stop-shop improves communications, boosts fundraising and increases your volunteer base!

Capture Volunteer Interest

At the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of event planning, people are excited about the opportunity to help.  That is the time to capture areas that interest them.   

Schedule Volunteers

Allow volunteers to sign up for a specific activity or time slot.  You can control how many volunteers are needed. Eliminate all of those emails trying to coordinate volunteers!

Background Checks

Keep track of which volunteers have successfully completed their background check.


Volunteer RemindersvolunteerNumbers_Screenshot.png

When a volunteer signs-up, they will receive an email confirming their volunteer choices.  Customize the email to include a thank you note, information about completing their background check, and any details that are pertinent to the volunteer opportunity or assignment.

Customized Volunteer Forms

No one-size-fits all on Membership Toolkit. Customize all of your forms.

Say Thanks!

Don't forget to send a thank you note to your volunteers. They need to know that their time is valued and that they are appreciated. Need an idea or graphic to include in your thank you not to your volunteers? We have a list of our favorites!


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