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Increase Membership in Your PTA or PTO

The key to increasing your Membership numbers is making it easy for parent's to join. With Membership Toolkit, your membership drive can all be done online, anytime! 

The best part is, your Membership Chairman will not have to do all of the data entry!

Concerned about Membership dropping when you switch to online registration?  In our experience, Elementary Schools tend to see membership numbers similar or slightly higher than previous years. Middle Schools and High Schools have seen a significant increase!

One of our customers had a 46% increase in their PTA membership their first year using Membership Toolkit! 

Customized Membership Forms

Create customized forms that include all of the membership options you offer!

Membership Forms in Any Language

Reach all parents and community members by making your membership form available in over 80 languages.

Membership Form in Spanish


Membership Toolkit Resources for Room Parents 

Check out a few of our resources for room parents!


In the last 12 months, organizations have done the following with Membership Toolkit...


connected with over


sent over


collected over


in funds & donations

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