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Newsletter Tools for Your PTA or PTO

All of the Tools Your PTA or PTO Need to Improve Communication


How Can Membership Toolkit Help You With Communications?

  • Website - Mobile responsive website templates that are easy to use.
  • Newsletters - Popular templates make it easy to customize and create your newsletter.
  • Calendars - Create one calendar or multiple calendars. 
  • Online Directory - Make it easy for parents to connect with each other!  
  • Blogs - Organize content on your website in a blog format. Create one blog or as many as you need.


Emails & Newsletters

PTA NewsletterHow we communicate has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Today, most of our communications strategy revolved around sending emails and newsletters.

All of the tools you need to send emails and newsletters is integrated with your contact database. Some of the cool features that are included:

  • "Smart" newsletter lists that automatically add (or subtract) emails from your distribution list if they meet the criteria for that list. How does this work? Create a newsletter smart list for 10th Grade Parents. When a parent creates an account with your organization's Membership Toolkit account, if they have a 10th grade student, the parent's emails will be automatically added to your 10th grade newsletter list.
  • Multiple Newsletter Lists - create as many newsletter lists as your PTA or PTO needs.
  • Email and Newsletter Templates that are easy to use.



Online calendar tools that you can customize for each group. You create a calendar for each group in your PTA or PTO. For example, have one calendar for 1st Grade Parents and one for PTA Board members.

Parents can subscribe to receive automatic calendar updates!

Since your calendar tools are integrated with your database, you can choose to limit access to a calendar so that only members can view it. (Or limit access to any other group in your database.

PTO Calendar


Does Your Parent Organization Have A Communication's Plan?

You should! Your communication's plan should include:

  • All of the communication options available to you (communication channels)
  • Frequency of communications with deadlines for submission of content
  • List of board members and staff who will be submitting content


The Communications Chairman - The Most Important Member of Your Board?

PTA CommunicationsOne of the most important positions in your organization is the Communications Chairman. The success of your events, sales, donations, programs, and membership is dependent on how well you communicate with your parents. In the last decade, how we communicate has drastically changed. A printed newsletter that goes home in a child's backpack doesn't work anymore.

In addition to supporting board members and event coordinators, your Communications Chairman may be a great Account Administrator for your Membership Toolkit account. 





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