Contacts and Volunteers

Have your own customizable database of all your contacts and members fully integrated with every Membership Toolkit tool. Everything online makes it easy for members to sign up for volunteering.



Our website tools are designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. If you can type an email you can create and update your website.  For tech experts, we give you access to the HTML, CSS, and other tools.


Emails & Newsletters

Your database is integrated with all of your communications tools making it easy to send an email or customized newsletter to everyone, a group of volunteers, or parents in one grade.



An easy-to-use accounting system that allows your Treasurer to record PTO finances and necessary reports. All reports available for every board member.



Make it convenient for your members to sign up and pay their dues with online payments, with the ability to track who has paid their dues.



Provide your members with a secure online directory and mobile app. Members control what information is included, and you control who has access.



Boost fundraising and donations with online sales. Increase sales and raise funds from your community and businesses. 



Hosting a community event? Membership Toolkit helps you schedule volunteers, track RSVPs, and send out communications.

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One Location - For EVERYTHING

Everything your PTO Officers and Parents need in one location. 

Your website is integrated with your contact database, online sales, data collection forms, volunteer management, and accounting.

We help you simplify the busy work!

Amazing Customer Support

We are here when you need us. Our Team has years of experience helping PTAs and PTOs and our goal is to assure your success.

Our experts can help you create a strategy on how to increase membership, recruit volunteers, or boost fundraising.

Need an extra volunteer? We have a full service Customer Support Team that you can hire to do all the work for you!

Communication Made Easy

How we communicate has changed a lot in the last 10 years!

Membership Toolkit makes it easy to:
     -send an email to all of your contacts
     -or send an email to a small group of contacts
     -calendars that can be synced to your personal calendar
     -update the content on your website

Customer Success

Our goal is to ensure that you are successful. Not sure how your parent organization can use Membership Toolkit? Check out our PTA & PTO Idea Book that is full of ideas on how other PTAs and PTOs have benefited.

As a treasurer for a large high school PTSA, I have had such a smooth year using Membership Toolkit!  Making deposits has been such a breeze – no more adding up checks or counting coins or driving to the bank!  

Sherry Hix

PTA Treasurer

I did ALL of my ordering for the next school year (PTA Membership, donation, supplies, spirit wear, yearbook). It was so incredibly fast and easy.  I was in and out in about 3 minutes – for 2 kids!!  Sooooo much easier than “Back to School Day” in the gym every year!

Rob Skeans


LOTS of great feedback from our families!! They are so excited and have said it is the easiest thing ever!! I'm so glad you introduced us to this technology...

Jill Nay

PTA President

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