HOA Features - Directory

HOA Directory 

1. Collect Information  


No more data entry! HOA Directory Forms

Option 1:  Homeowners can enter their own information over a password protected, secure connection.
Option 2:  Upload data to complete your database and directory.

Include custom fields - as many as you need

  • Neighborhood Subdivision
  • Board members

Homeowners always have control over what information is included in the directory and they can update their information at any time.


2. Control Who Has Access and HOA Customized DirectoryWho Is Included in Your Directory

Your administrators will always be able to control who has access to your directory. 

  • Open directory for anyone who has created an account with your HOA.
  • Only members (contacts with membership status) will have access
  • Administrator Approved -  Administrators approve every person who will have access to your directory.


3. Online Directory & Mobile App HOA Mobile Directory

A password protected directory, with search options, is available on your website.

The mobile app which you can customize for your organization includes your directory and calendar.

If homeowners belong to multiple organizations that are using Membership Toolkit (school, dance studio, local non-profits) they can log-in to the mobile app one time and have access to each organization's directory information!


4. Printed Directory

Still printing a directory? Choose between 5 different pdf reports that can be downloaded and sent to your printer.


In the last 12 months, organizations have done the following with Membership Toolkit...


connected with over


sent over


collected over


in funds & donations

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