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Accounting Software

All of the tools your treasurer needs to manage your Troop's finances. 

BudgetingSetup your budget in minutes and begin tracking all of your income and Scout Troop Budgetsexpenses. Online sales and orders are automatically entered into the appropriate budget category.

Scout Troop Ledgers

LedgersSetup ledgers to track all of your asset accounts. Online transactions are added to the appropriate income ledger and you can enter all offline transactions so everything is in one place.

Scout Troop ReportsFinancial ReportsHonestly, reports are not very exciting. But if you are responsible for your finances, then reports are important! Income Reports. Budget Reports. Transaction Reports. Income & Expense Reports. Don't worry, we've got you covered!


For the Troop Treasurer

Scout Troop SoftwareFilling the volunteer position of Treasurer is notoriously difficult. Simplify the job of the Treasurer by eliminating lengthy check deposits. Online payment limits the number of people handling your organization's funds to reduce the possibility of mismanagement.Scout Troop Accounting Summary


Uncollectable Accounts Receivable

Volunteer organizations have a hard time collecting money owed on checks returned due to insufficient funds. With PayPal, your organization will know within 24 to 48 hours if a bank draw is denied or a credit
 card is invalid. This gives your organization time to either cancel an order or make alternative arrangements for payment with the member.

Sales Tax

Add sales tax to any item in your sales catalog.  Sales tax is itemized in the financial reports.

Electronic Transactions & Records 

Online payments are safer than handling cash and checks.  All online payments are easily tracked from the source to your merchant account to your organization’s banking account.  Reduce the chance of embezzled or misplaced funds.


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