Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Will I need to install software?
No! Membership Toolkit is web-based software.

Will we need to pay for software updates?
No! We are always working to improve our software. As soon as an update is ready, you will have access to it. With web-based software, you're always using the latest version.

Information Storage and Security

Where is information stored?
Information is stored on the Membership Toolkit database in a secure data center. Access to these servers is very limited and only authorized users have access to your records.

Is my information private and safe?
We take security very seriously. Your member's stored passwords are encrypted. Credit card payments are processed on your merchant accounts (PayPal) secure website ensuring that credit card and bank account information is only shared between your users and PayPal. Membership Toolkit never sells or shares information with any third party.

Are there different levels of account access for administrative members of our organization?
Yes! For additional information refer to our administrative access privileges guide.

Do you use SSL?
Absolutely. SSL insures that the communication pathway between your members and our servers is encrypted, and that they are interacting with the correct server.

Finances and Merchant Accounts

Is it easy for us to set up a merchant account to accept credit cards?
It is very easy to set up a merchant account and is one of the fastest ways for you to collect payments. 

When you accept credit and debit card payments there will be an expense for processing the payments. These fees vary widely between different processors. Membership Toolkit is integrated with PayPal and TransFirst giving our customers a choice on who they would like to use. 

For Membership Toolkit customers transaction fees are only 1.85% + $0.05 + when you choose TransFirst.

Accepting Credit Cards & Transaction Fees

How do we handle sales tax?
Sales tax can be included or not included on any sales items.

Contact Database & Membership Registration

One of our members did not receive the verification email. What happened?
The number one reason a verification email is not received is the email address was not entered correctly. The second reason the verification email is not received is it landed in the junk (or spam) folder, depending on how their email preferences are set. Ask them to check those folders.

What if a member forgets their password?
Not a problem! On your Membership Toolkit landing page, members and guests can request their password be reset. The system will send them a confirmation email with a special link in it; when they click that link they'll be able to reset their password.

Can our members update their information? Yes! When your members/contacts sign in for the first time, they create a password that is connected to their email address. They can make changes to their personal information, make additional purchases, or sign up for additional volunteer opportunities without having to re-enter their information.

We need to track the background status of our volunteers. Can we do this within the data on the server?
Yes. Your administrator can easily update the records of those that have passed required background checks.

Can we rollover our information each year?

Volunteer Interest Toolkit

Can two adults each volunteer for different activities?
Yes. Two adults per household can volunteer for their own activities under one registration.

Can the system send emails to remind volunteers of their obligations?
Yes.  These are called Tickler Emails and you can set them up to send automatically at times of your choosing. 

Email Receipts

Will our members receive a receipt?
Yes. A receipt detailing paid items will be sent to their email address.

Can we include a thank you note?
Yes. We encourage you to include a customized note in the receipt.

Sales and Fundraising

Can we limit our inventory available for sale?
Yes! Membership Toolkit allows you to set inventory controls on merchandise or event registrations in our system. From your administrator access you can add or subtract available inventory. When an item is no longer available, your users will see a "sold out" message.

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