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Events - For Athletics, Fine Arts, Booster Clubs

Our Band Booster Clubs know how to orchestrate a community event that raises money for their organization and of course shows off their musical talent!

BBQ With The Band 

A fun bbq before a football game.  Host the event in the parking lot or the school gym and have a local bbq restaurant cater the meal. The band provides the entertainment.

Swing Dance

Get your dancing shoes on for a fun filled evening of jazz music and dancing.  This event appeals to families of all ages.

Swing Dance Order Form

Golf Tournament

Hosting a golf tournament is a popular event for our athletic booster clubs.  Invite your community and help raise funds.  All of your registration for the tournament and meals can be handled through your Membership Toolkit account.

Summer Camp

A great way to encourage your players to give back to the community and to share your skills with younger students, is to host a summer skills camp.

Grill Dads Pre-Game BBQ

For home games, "Grill Dad's" section off part of the parking lot for their very own Grill Dad BBQ benefiting the Booster Club!


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