Finding Volunteers Outside of Your Organization

Spring is a busy time of year for parent organizations--school carnivals, socials, diversity nights, and other family events are coming soon! Do you have the volunteer numbers you need to properly run your event? Are you short a few volunteers? Check out these resources to find volunteers in unexpected places.

Did you know that student volunteer organizations are looking to fulfill their service hour requirements? Contact the local high schools in your area. They can direct you to school-based volunteer organizations such as:

  • The National Honor Society
  • Key Club
  • Student Council Groups
  • PALS
  • AVID



Apart from schools, you should consider working with student community groups that have volunteerism as a mission such as:

  • The National Charity League
  • Young Men’s Service League
  • Scouting Groups


Be sure to also contact the local universities and colleges. Often times, older students can volunteer during the day when other groups may not be available. These days, many degrees require volunteerism as a pathway to graduation.


Did you know that adult community volunteer organizations want to share their servant leadership desires as well? These would include:

  • Junior League
  • Church-based groups
  • Leadership organizations such as those offered with the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Corporations and businesses who foster volunteerism as part of the work culture
  • Retirement Groups


find volunteers through adult volunteer organizations

Lastly, you can post your volunteer needs on volunteer posting sites such as these:

Please do remember to get approval from those in authority before outsourcing your volunteer opportunities to these two groups. There are issues of safety and privacy to be considered.


Tip: Keep your Membership Toolkit Site calendar current. Many volunteer organizations are looking for our upcoming events.


Download: Recruiting Volunteers - 5 Steps to Success