The Advantages to Web Based Software

Nothing to Install   in-the-cloud
With web based software, you do not need to install or download any programs onto your computer. If you have access to an internet browser, you have access to your account.

Latest Version
You will always have access to the latest software. For free. Our designers are always making improvements to our system and you will always have access.

Multiple Administrators
Allow multiple administrators to have access to the same data, reports, and files. Membership Toolkit does not limit the number of administrators that your organization can have. We offer multiple administrator levels of access so you can control who sees your information and publishes updates.

Easy to Use
Web based software does not require an IT expert to maintain! No more worries if your software is compatible with your computer.

Worried about security? We are too! Web based software is safer than traditional software. With traditional software your organization's secure files are only as safe as your administrator's computers. Instead of trusting your data that is being stored on a personal computer that may be stolen or lost, trust your data to Membership Toolkit. We use state-of-the-art data centers to assure that your data is safe.

Automatic Back-Ups
We back-up your information several times every day.


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