Online Payments - Credit & Debit Card Processing

There are many different payment processing choices available to consumers. We carefully evaluated all of the options so that we can offer our customers the best solutions to meet your needs.  You choose which payment processor is best for your organization.

Safe and Secure Transactions  

Every transaction is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring your customer's data remains secure.  

Membership Toolkit & TransFirst  

We are very excited to partner with TransFirst to offer Membership Toolkit customers an option that includes a fantastic transaction rate. 

Using PayPal For Your Online Sales

PayPal is by far the best known online payment option for organizations and small businesses. Many organizations already have an account.

2.2% + $0.30 / transaction for qualified non-profits
No additional fees required. 


How Do the Membership Toolkit Options Compare?

When you start comparing merchant services for credit card transactions, you will soon learn that there are many different options and there are some that include fees in addition to the transaction fees.

Fees that You DO NOT Have to Pay When Using Membership Toolkit:

  • statement fees
  • set-up fees
  • application fees
  • annual fees
  • gateway fees



Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Your organization creates an account with a merchant service provider. (Either TransFirst or PayPal) In your Membership Toolkit account, you include your API signature from the merchant service provider that you chose. Membership Toolkit sends an itemized list of purchases to the merchant service provider. Once the user completes the financial transaction, they return to your Membership Toolkit account to confirm and finalize the purchase.

Are there any fees from Membership Toolkit associated with the online transactions?
No. Nada. Zip. Our software is easy to use and our pricing structure is straight forward and simple. There are no hidden fees. You will be charged fees from the payment processor but not from Membership Toolkit. 

Does Membership Toolkit store the credit card numbers?
The financial transaction information is NEVER stored or viewed by Membership Toolkit. Credit card information is sent directly to your merchant service provider.

Can we include sales tax?
Yes. Your financial administrator can set your local sales tax rate. You control which items you need to collect sales tax. The sales tax is itemized on the customer receipt and on your financial records.

Does Membership Toolkit have access to your bank account?
NO! Your relationship with your merchant service provider is kept between you and your MSP.

Can administrators enter credit card information for a family?
We do not recommend that you collect credit card information and enter the transaction at a later time. If you are storing credit card information then you also need to be PCI Compliant.

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