About Us: The Membership Toolkit Team

Our mission is simple: to help small organizations with the busy work so they can focus on the important stuff.

Our goal is also simple: to develop software that is easy to use, giving precious time back to our customers. Whether you are the the happy-to-help but over-committed volunteer, the small business owner, the leader of the band, the ballet mom, the neighbor who helps build your community... Membership Toolkit was created for one reason - to allow you to spend your time doing. Not collating paperwork, taking checks to the bank, or entering data into Excel.

In 2009 we had the idea (what if we could...). In 2010 we put our idea to the test (with rave reviews) and in 2011 we formally launched Membership Toolkit (yes, we are a start-up!). Our passion is helping communities and solving problems. We love a good challenge and we are constantly making improvements to our software.

If you are ready to stop spending time with the 'busy work', then Membership Toolkit is for you! We make it easy to eliminate paperwork, increase sales and donations, improve communications, and organize your volunteers, all in an easy-to-use, web-based software solution. If you have a question, please send us an email.  We want to help you save time so that you can do more of what you love.


Our Executive Team

Amy Newell - President & FounderAmy - President and Founder

Her passion is volunteering and she is usually the first to raise her hand. She has served on a PTA Board for 13 years and was President for six years at three schools (what was she thinking!). In addition to being involved with schools, she served on her neighborhood's HOA Board, organized large charity events, and created educational programs for children and teens. In her free time she enjoys playing golf and cooking. She loves to travel and explore restaurants from the local dives to gourmet fancy establishments. Amy graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering.


Steve DeVoll - CTO and Co-FounderSteve - CTO and Co-Founder

Steve is a graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU) with a major in Computer Science. It would take a page to tell you all that he has done - so we will cut to the chase. He is really good at developing software, solving problems, and creating a user interface that is easy and attractive. His three children keep him busy and he is an active volunteer at their schools and church. For fun, he is an amatuer photographer and videographer. He loves to mix sound and pictures to create works of art.


Caren Nettleton - Director of SalesCaren - Director of Sales

She is full of life and always brings a joke or good story with her to the office. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and watching SEC football (don't hold that against her!). She likes to volunteer for as she says "the fun stuff" like selling spirit wear and planning school socials. Caren is responsible for new customers and is the go-to person if you have any questions on how Membership Toolkit can help you. She graduated from University of Tennessee with a degree in Communications.


Nadine - Director of Customer SupportNadine Murphy - Director of Customer Support

Passionate and energetic, Nadine is someone who is not afraid of a challenge and a little work! Currently, she is a board member for a local National Charity League, and is their Chapter President and district representative. Over the past 10 years, she has held several chair positions on her HOA and PTA Boards, as well as was a founding member of a Parent Teacher Organization. She has led the fundraising charge for several schools, and she plans to continue to be just as active in the PTA until her kids graduate in 8 years. When it comes to understanding what non-profits, HOA’s, and parent organizations need to get organized and be successful, you can definitely count on her expertise. When she is not busy working or volunteering, she enjoys running her kids to and from martial arts and dance classes.