Online Donations to Support Your Non-Profit

Collect Donations Online

Collecting Donations Online

Collect Donations OnlineMake it easy for your supporters to contribute and support your Non-Profit.

Transaction Fees

Beware of outrageous transaction fees! Many online donation sites take an additional 5%-25% on top of the credit card fees.


Ideas for Using Membership Toolkit for Donations:

  • Write-A-Check Campaign
  • Community Sponsors
  • Website Sponsors
  • Walk-A-Thon
  • Designated donations for a special project



Send a Thank You for Your Donation

When someone makes a donation, if you choose, the donor will automatically receive a thank you email that acknowledges their donation with their tax receipt. That will save your board time!


Talk to an Expert!

Have a question or want to discuss if Membership Toolkit is the best option for your non-profit? We are happy to help. Let's find a time to chat on the phone! 

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