Bookkeeping - Integrated with Online Payments

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Accounting Software

All of the tools your treasurer needs to manage your finances.

  • Budgets
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Online orders integrated with the books
  • Financial Reports

For Your Treasurer

describe the imageFilling the volunteer position of Treasurer is notoriously difficult. Simplify the job of the Treasurer by eliminating lengthy check deposits. Online payment limits the number of people handling your organization's funds to reduce the possibility of mismanagement.

Bookkeeping Integrated with Online Payments

Membership Toolkit makes it easy for your Treasurer! All of your online sales and donations are automatically entered in your ledgers saving you a lot of time.


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When setting up your sales catalog, the treasurer can include a financial category for the sale of that item.  The financial spreadsheet itemizes all purchases by financial category making it easy for the treasurer to keep track of deposits and enter them into the budget.

Electronic Transactions & Records 

Online payments are safer than handling cash and checks.  All online payments are easily tracked from the source to your merchant account to your organization’s banking account.  Reduce the chance of embezzled or misplaced funds.

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