Milestone Lyndhurst HOA - Case Study

The Close-Knit Texas Neighborhood That Wanted To Improve Communications

The Estates of Lyndhurst is a highly desirable neighborhood consisting of 56 gated Villa lots and 13 Estate lots. Located in Keller, Texas, a quiet suburb in North Dallas, the property is situated on a section of Little Bear Creek, adjacent to the 16-acre Milestone Park, surrounded by mature native oaks and evergreens.

The Milestone Lyndhurst Homeowner’s Association coordinates neighborhood communications, helps preserve property values and maintains the common propeties of the association. A challenging task for any nonprofit.


Challenge: Blocked Emails, Out-Dated Info and More

To effectively carry out its duties, the Milestone Lyndhurst HOA needed to solve three main challenges: sending timely email communication, maintaining current homeowner contact information, and developing a website that was easy to update for non-technical board members.

“Frustratingly ... many of those who received emails were no longer residents.”

To spread HOA and neighborhood news, the HOA board relied on group emails to the homeowners. Frustratingly, the messages were frequently blocked by spam filters, and many of those who received emails were no longer residents. Maintaining a current list of homeowners and their correct contact information was difficult and time consuming. The board maintained multiple spreadsheets, but those quickly became outdated and unreliable.

The Milestone Lyndhurst HOA website also posed challenges. It was difficult to update, lacked important community information, and the information it did have quickly became outdated. The HOA wanted a website that accurately represented the community, served as a resource for residents, and provided member-only content pages.

Solution: An All-In-One Communication Tool!

The HOA reviewed many software options, and even considered hosting their website on one platform and their HOA database on another. Eventually the Milestone Lyndhurst HOA chose Membership Toolkit. The all-in-one software not only addressed the top challenges the HOA faced with its contact database, custom website and email communication, it also provided integrated accounting tools. This feature proved to be perfect for the HOA’s bookkeeping needs and made it easy to transition the treasurer’s position each year.

Implementation: Did It Work?

Within weeks, the Milestone Lyndhurst HOA was successfully up and running with Membership Toolkit’s all-in-one software solution. Mike Smith, former treasurer and now president of Milestone Lyndhurst HOA, noted, “The transition from our old ways of doing things to using the Membership Toolkit solution was very smooth. The Membership Toolkit team was there for us every step of the way. My first impression of the software as treasurer at the time was that Membership Toolkit was an extremely simple solution to keep up with everything going on in the HOA, from tracking money and dues, to producing reports in real-time. Once you see the Membership Toolkit software and understand what it can do, it’s very simple to use.”

After just a brief on-boarding process with the Membership Toolkit team, the HOA board was regularly using Membership Toolkit, and relied on the communication, treasury, and directory modules most.

Results: A Solution That Improves Communication and Saves Time for Board Members

When evaluating what HOA operations were like before and after the Membership Toolkit transition, Smith commented, “Over the past three years, Membership Toolkit has empowered us to be much more transparent and communicative, keeping homeowners in the loop on community news and activities. We’ve also been able to establish consistency when it comes to reporting. It’s so crucial that we’re able to provide comprehensive reports on the fly and a huge relief that everything we need is in one place.”

Leveraging the flexibility of Membership Toolkit’s custom website module, Milestone Lyndhurst HOA has even added a “Homes For Sale” section to its website, a huge bonus for a gated community.

Milestone Lyndhurst HOA now finds it very easy to communicate with the whole neighborhood in real-time. Any board member can quickly send out secure emails to homeowners. Smith added, “Everyone can see the board is doing what needs to be done and trying to protect our investments. If someone wants to see a history of the board’s activities, they can get the info they need at any time. That transparency creates a community of trust.

The all-in-one solution from Membership Toolkit helps Milestone Lyndhurst Home Owners protect their investment by increasing community communication and involvement.



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