Improve Your Booster Club Communications

Booster Club Communications

Improve Communications to Your Parents and Community

The way we communicate has drastically changed in the last few years. Parents want information available to them when they need it. Volunteers and staff need a way to keep parents updated. Membership Toolkit makes it easy.


A Custom Website - That Is Easy To Maintain  Band Booster Custom Website

If you don't have a place on the web - you really need to consider making this a top priority. A website allows you to "park" information for parents and the community.

When choosing website software the top priority should be ease of creating and updating your content.

You definitely need a website. And you need to ensure that the content on your website is current.

If you can type an email, you can update our website tools. Know about CSS, HTML? Great! We have designed our software to be flexible so that users with all levels of experience have the tools they need.

Member Only Pages On Your Website

There will be information that you only want to share with your members. Our website tools allow you to restrict website pages for members only.

What Will You Include On Your Member-Only Website Pages?

  • Pictures from practices and events
  • Practice times
  • Trip details
  • Organization bylaws and financials

Emailing Made Easy  

Say goodbye and fairwell, to these common board member hassles:
  • Reply all emails for recruiting volunteers
  • Email distribution lists kept on excel spreadsheets
  • Important emails that don't go out to everyone, because you forgot to include a family on the distribution
  • Parents who say they never received an email
All of the emails sent through your Membership Toolkit account are tracked. And the best part, we make it easy to send an email to a small group, all of your parents, all of your students...and any combination that you will need. For example - send a quick email to all of the 9th grade students who play Varsity Football. Or an email for the band members who play oboe & saxaphone. Or the volunteers for a specific event.


In the last 12 months, organizations have done the following with Membership Toolkit...


connected with over


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collected over


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