Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

December 6, 2016 at 11:09 AM Membership Toolkit Team Parent Involvement, Family



You've been RACK'd! Have you ever heard of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness? It's a fun, meaningful set of activities for families to participate in during the holidays.

You may have seen reports of Kansas City police officers pulling people over and handing them cash. The reponses were fantastic. People were caught of guard and often afterwards were inspired to "pay it forward". These random acts of Christmas kindness (or RACKs) don't have to cost a lot or anything at all. It's just a way to spend time with your family while thinking of others. We were inspired to write this after we found microwaveable popcorn bags taped to the REDBOX at the grocery store--the kids were thrilled! Here are some easy ways to pay it forward this holiday season.

  • write a chalk message on the sidewalk of a neighbor

    random acts of christmas kindness
  • take your neighbor's trash can in

  • adopt a soldier and send a care package

  • hang candy canes on cars in a parking lot

  • put a dollar bill in a Christmas book before returning it to the library

  • in the drive thru, pay for the next person's food or drinks

  • leave a gas card with a note at the gas pump

  • leave a few dollar bills in the aisles of the dollar store

  • leave a thank you note for the mail carrier

  • buy a gift card for groceries and give it to the person behind you in line


  • donate to Salvation Army and take the bell-ringer a hot chocolate

  • take cookies to the local fire station

  • take supplies to the animal shelter

  • donate books to the library or hospital


Some families do RACK all December long. But, if you're like us, you may need to ease into it! Between all the busyness of school and work parties, try to add in a few RACKs. These don't take much time and it's worth it to see the looks on people's faces. Don't forget to print out our free You've been RACK'd cards.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness free printable