Planning Your PTA/PTO Year

August 18, 2016 at 8:00 AM Membership Toolkit Team PTA/PTO




Now that school is back in and you have a fresh, new board and a great, new set of volunteers, you might want to start planning out the rest of your year.

There are so many different ideas out there for fundraisers, events and activities that it may be overwhelming. Narrowing down ideas together can be difficult but necessary to move your planning ahead. Consider these 5 things when planning your year out and download our Parent Organization Planning Calendar to help get you started.

  • Print out the school's master calendar and a copy of our Parent Organization Planning Calendar in order to avoid conflicts when planning. Be aware of events going on in the planning out your PTA/PTO yearcommunity as well.

  • Gather input from parents, teachers and the administration via surveys or word-of-mouth to see if there is interest in particular activities. Reach out to the community for ideas or opportunites to assist one another.

  • Review past activities and determine if goals were met and whether to repeat the activity or skip it and replace with something else.

  • Vary the types of activities you offer as well as the time of day you offer them. Every family is different and has different work schedules--you want to appeal to and reach as many people as possible.Planning out your PTA/PTO year

  • When you finish planning your year out, share the plan with the Principal, school staff and finance committee to help develop the budget.

 Download our Parent Organization Planning Calendar

This calendar features interactive links to give you tons of ideas for activities throughout the school year. Or, print out the calendar and use the planning space to jot down your ideas.

Parent Organization Planning Calendar