Customer Spotlight--Shawnee Trail Elementary PTA

At Membership Toolkit, we see a lot of wonderful ways parent organizations are using our software to help increase parent engagement and Shawnee Trail Elementary PTA in Frisco, Texas is a great example. They have designed their website with inviting colors, clear information and fun, inviting language. We love seeing how they are addressing problems and forming solutions using Membership Toolkit software.

The Problem


Hannah Gleghorn, Shawnee Trail PTA board member in charge of website/publicity said, "We needed to provide Kindergarten parents information about PTA at our school's annual Kindergarten Tour in May. In thinking it through, we remembered how anxiety-provoking being a Kindergarten parent was…. going into a large building filled with strangers, where you are not in charge, don’t know the rules, and do not feel comfortable.  And then sending your 4-5 year old child off alone with those people. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea!" 

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Hannah made a "Top 10 Ways to Feel More at Home at Shawnee Trail” handout designed to help make families instantly comfortable using very specific steps.  "We focused on ways to get into the school and stay informed (PTA, social media, volunteering…) and ways to help their child feel safe and part of the community (attending fun events, eating lunch with family, becoming a room parent, attending parties …)," said Hannah.

Using Membership Toolkit

The Shawnee Trail PTA posted the flyer to their Membership Toolkit website and used social media posts to drive traffic there.  
Hannah shared her organization's results with us. "After the Kindergarten tour, traffic to our website was about 300% higher than normal. I believe parents experiencing change feel the need to gain some control —which makes them eager to reach out and learn more. We are hoping that giving them ways to feel part of the community fast will make for an easier adjustment for everyone—and smooth the way to work well together later," she said.
help make parents feel welcome at school
Shawnee Trail is fairly new to the Membership Toolkit family, so using it wisely is a growing skill. Communicating is one of the big challenges parent organizations face. The school is very diverse ethnically and culturally—families speak many different languages at home. "Having a website with good information that is easy-to-update and easy-to-link-to is quite helpful. Families can translate the site into their preferred language— and stay informed, which is something we would not be able to pull off with our board's limited language skills," said Hannah.


Check out this flyer, made by Hannah Gleghorn, to help welcome new families and outline specific ways they can get involved at the school. Shawnee Trail PTA includes this graphic under the Kindergarten Parents section. This would also be a great graphic to share with military families that are transferring to your school. Can you imagine how nice it would be to see this as a brand new school parent and instantly feel welcomed?


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10 ways to feel more at home at school

Graphic by Hannah Gleghorn at Shawnee Trail Elementary PTA in Frisco, Texas