Celebrate Friendship Week - Ideas for Room Parents

January 28, 2019 at 10:52 AM Erin Martinez Classroom Parties


Many schools across the country are making efforts to emphasize friendship and kindness on Valentine's Day instead of romantic love. We have tips and ideas for hosting a Friendship Week at your school and a little history on how others celebrate around the world.


Historically, Valentine's Day cards weren't only meant for those one romantically loves, but also celebrated affection for one's friends and relatives. What a great theme for school-aged kids! Celebrating Friendship Week is much more inclusive and helps kids express all kinds of warm feelings to friends, teachers and parents.


Other countries have long used February 14 as a day of friendship. In Finland they celebrate Ystävänpäivä, which translates to Friend's Day, by sending their friends small gifts and notes. In Mexico, the day is called El Dia Del Amor y Amistad (The Day of Love and Friendship) and friends exchange flowers, candy, balloons and notes. Everyone is able to participate because everyone has a friend or someone they love.

 celebrate friendship week

We have put together some ideas on how to host a Friendship Week at your school. There are endless possiblities and tie-ins for this theme. Check out our ideas for friendship parties, fundraising and community service projects.


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