The Most Important Member On Your Board - Communications?

May 15, 2013 at 4:30 PM Amy Newell PTA/PTO, Communications


Your Communications Chairman

One of the most important positions in your organization is the Communications Chairman. The success of your events, sales, donations, programs, and membership is dependent on how well you communicate with your parents. In the last decade, how we communicate has drastically changed. A printed newsletter that goes home in a child's backpack doesn't work anymore.

In addition to supporting board members and event coordinators, your Communications Chairman may be a great Account Administrator for your Membership Toolkit account.

Content, Content, Content! Communicaions Graphic

Once you have a Communication's Chairman, don't let your board members assume that the Communications Chairman is responsible for all publicity and content. Each board member and event chairman needs to be responsible for their message. Your Communications Chairman serves a resource, coordinates distribution, and may possibly serve as editor. 

Events & Programs

You have spent hours planning your event – don’t forget the most important part: the Marketing and Promotion of Your Event! A successful marketing campaign will boost your attendance rate. The Communications Chairman is key to assuring your events are a success.