10 Ways Your PTO Can Support the School Science Fair

10 Ways your PTO can support the science fair top graphic.001.jpeg


It's almost Spring and that means it's science fair time. Science fairs are anxiety-inducing for some, fun for others, but a great opportunity for your PTO to support the school. How great would it be to help the school celebrate science, get more attendance, and create a fun family event? We have collected some great, inexpensive ideas to make a successful family science night.

Paper Airplane Contestpaper airplane-163458-edited.jpg

Get students and siblings involved in the fun with a paper airplane contest. All you need is paper and a taped finish line!

Live Animal Talks

Ask a local expert to come a give a talk on animals from the area. Incorporate lessons on taking care of the environment.

LEGO Construction Table

Sometimes libraries have collections of LEGOS you can borrow. Set them up on a table as a free-for-all! Incorporate some engineering methods or better yet, have an engineer man the table to give tips.

Sell Donated Baked Goods

This would be a good opportunity to raise some money and donate it to a science-related cause. Plus everyone benefits from having sweet treats available.

Build a Kite Station

kite-666504-edited-750969-edited.jpgThis booth would be easy to execute and fun for all ages. And you could try to coordinate with National Kite Month in April. All you need is a plastic bag, string, two sticks, scissors and ribbon. Check out these easy DIY directions--A Garbage Bag Kit


Use High School Students

High School students can volunteer (and receive service hours) to do live experiments like making ice cream, balloon races, writing in invisible ink and so many others.

Crime Scene Investigatorsfingerprinting-963555-edited.jpg

Invite a local crime scene unit to show forensic techniques to students.

Use Local Military

Invite local military members or flight instructors to discuss Newton's laws.

Building Planes

Invite a local hobby store to come demonstrate how to build a model.


Have local companies sponsor a certain booth or part of the fair.

Download a Copy of Creating A Corporate Sponsorship Program

Tips Going Forward

  • Use your website to recruit volunteers.

    Recruiting Volunteers Learn How Easy It Can Be

  • Come prepared with Sharpies, tape, scissors, baby wipes, or anything your booths might need.

  • Solicit donations of a science-related door prize.

  • Use the event to welcome new families and get new members. Have a membership table and greeters close to the door to welcome families.


Science is such a wonderful topic to gather families around. Seeing older children participating in the science fair is motivating for younger students and siblings and providing interactive booths gives everyone something to do. The benefits are endless and the resources to pull it off are minimal. 

Have you held a Family Science Night at your school? How did it go? We'd love to hear from you below.