Why Choose Membership Toolkit

Our Privacy Policy

Before you choose an online software for your website, volunteer sign-up, or membership software - we encourage you to review their Privacy Policy.  Membership Toolkit does not sell your information.  There are many online services that say they are free, but in exchange for using their service, you give permission for them to sell your member's information.   Compare our Privacy Policy with others.  

  • We do NOT sell or share your information to other companies.
  • We do NOT mine your data. (A common practice from "free" online providers is to mine data from their users and then sell this data to 3rd party companies.)
Every member of our team has children, we understand how important privacy is and it is of the utmost importance to us as well.


Website Advertising

Membership Toolkit will NOT place advertising on your site. There are many companies who offer a "free" service and in exchange they will place advertising on your site. If you want to include your own sponsors on your site - go for it! A lot of our customers have website sponsors that help them raise much needed funds for their programs.


All-In-One Package

Membership Toolkit is web-based software that includes everything your organization needs to manage membership, donations, communications, sales, fundraising, and volunteers.



We make it easy for your administrators and your website users.


Our User Interface

We spend a lot of time on our user interface for administrators and for your members. Our design is proven to be easy to use and intuitive for parents.


Transaction Fees & Your Money

Membership Toolkit does NOT charge your organization a transaction fee for purchases made on your site. If you are accepting credit cards for purchases your Merchant Account will have transaction fees. We support two credit card merchants - rates as low as 1.85% + $0.05 + per transcation

At all times your organization will be in control and have access to your funds when you use Membership Toolkit. Your financial transactions are processed with a Merchant Account that is in your organization’s name which provides better control.


No Hidden Fees

Our price structure is simple! There are no hidden fees. You do not need to worry about digging through our Help Files or our website trying to find all of the fees associated with using your account. 

Our goal is to assure that all of our customers are successful. Let's set up a time to visit to see if Membership Toolkit is the best solution for your organization.


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